Aklau simple phone

Aklau simple phone is an application for the immediate storage and tap to call your most important contacts and/or emergency numbers.

Equipped with dialing keypad for the composition with oversized characters, phone book key and 8 keys “+” for storing numbers associated with contacts.
Contact description customizable according to your needs.

Please note: aKlau does not replace the default applications of your smartphone but stores data (text messages and unanswered calls) in its own local archive in which it stores only identifier and not the content or phone numbers of text messages and calls received.

Storage and Search:

  • Tap for 2 seconds on the “+” buttons to memorize a telephone number (tap on “Insert”, then select a number from the phone book).
  • Dial a phone number on the keyboard and tap on “Call”.
  • Dial a telephone number on the keyboard and tap for 2 seconds on the “+” buttons to store the number not present in the phone book.
  • Tap on the numeric keypad to start the search by number.
  • Tap on “Search …” to start searching by name or by number.

Modification and functions of the buttons:

  • Tap for 2 seconds on the immediate buttons for:
    • Change the name of the contact
    • Change the contact number
    • Send a text message
    • Delete the stored contact

Visual signals:

  • List of received SMS messages (tap on the flashing icon “SMS in arrival”, visible if new sms are present, to view the list of new SMS messages received).
  • List of missed calls (tap on the flashing “missed calls” icon, visible if new missed calls are present, to display the list of missed calls).

Authorization details:

  • Contacts:
    • access to contacts to view them in the contact list
  • Text messages:
    • read SMS to display them in the message list
    • receive information on received SMS messages for update the message list
    • send text messages
    • edit text messages
  • Phone:
    • call telephone numbers
    • read phone calls log to view missed calls in the list
    • read the phone status for update the list of missed calls
  • Storage space:
    • read and write the contents of the memory for the management of database
  • Altro:
    • text message-received broadcast for the management of new incoming messages
    • access to internet network in order to receive content in the app.


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